Elastron grades are used in following medical applications:

  • Syringe Tips
  • Infusion Bottle Caps
  • Urine Hoses & Catheters
  • Artificial Respiration Hand Pumps
  • Surgery Equipment Parts
  • Soft Touch For Medical Applications
  • IV Set Stopper Applications
  • Dental Guard For Teeth Grinding
  • Clogs (Antistatic And Steam Sterilizible For Medical Applications)

Elastron grades are used in following food applications:

  • Food Packing
  • Food Box Seals
  • Grips For Kitchen Equipments
  • Disposable Teether
  • Filtration Systems
  • Baby Spoon
  • Milking Hoses
  • Hoses for Different Beverages
  • Water Pump Seals


  • Excellent bonding to many thermoplastics
  • Easy to colour
  • Food or Pharma type grades
  • Non-toxic
  • Excellent surface appearance
  • Antistatic compounds available
  • Laser printable compounds available
  • Availability of very soft grades
  • Availability of transparent grades
  • 100% recyclable


Please click for Elastron TPE Brochure.